Our Mission

Hive Toronto is a community network comprised of community, education and industry collaborators committed to addressing issues of digital literacy for the next generation. The network strives towards social innovation in digital literacy through a commitment to pillars of access, diversity, capacity building, and community engagement.

Hive Toronto members act as change agents in today’s digital age to ensure that in the GTA, action is taken so that no one is left behind in the increasing digital ecosystems comprising work and life.


Our Values



Hive Toronto is committed to removing barriers for active participation in the network, and providing pathways to shared resources across the G.T.A.

Capacity building (resource sharing, incubation, skill-building)

Hive Toronto is committed to sharing perspectives and resources to improve our capacity to advance digital literacy.

Commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion

Hive Toronto values equity, diversity, and inclusion.  We are committed to creating opportunities that bring underrepresented individuals and communities together in everyday digital spaces.

Community Engagement

Hive Toronto is committed to community engagement through collaboration. We foster future civic leaders and direct social impact through hands-on experiential learning.